CELSIR partners with correctional center to provide virtual tutorial classes to GCE candidates in custody

Centre for Legal Support and Inmate Rehabilitation (CELSIR) partners with the Ikoyi Correctional Center to provide virtual tutorial classes to inmates registered for the General Certificate Examination (GCE).

The online tutorial classes which is scheduled to begin on the 19th October 2020 is in line with our rehabilitation projects aimed at providing educational support to Inmates for examinations scheduled to hold while they are in incarceration. We have considered paramount the need to conduct an online tutorials for Inmates as a way of encouraging their educational decision which suffered a setback due to the ongoing pandemic that limited the presence of external tutors.

To advance our course, CELSIR have partnered with Tutors and Educators who are willing to extend and volunteer their skills to these determined fellows in incarceration. We have also provided Laptop, Speaker, Internet modem and Stationeries which are vital to actualizing and effectively delivering the tutorial classes.

Our enquiry into the average age of Inmates in the Correctional Centres across the country reveals that a large number of inmates are youths in their prime who if given the opportunity can still add value to the economy and growth of the Nation. It is therefore important that their time in incarceration be focused into equipping them with life skills that will make reintegration worthwhile.

CELSIR’s focus on education stems from seeing passionate and determined inmates who despite being in a worst environment defies all odd to advance themselves. This to us is a major step to change and a desire to being a better person. We believe that inmates who are enthusiastic to change should be encouraged with the necessary support and skills that would help them in contributing positively to the society rather than being a threat.

While we are passionate about effective legal representation for all Inmates, CELSIR believes that the assistance should go beyond the courtroom. Hence, we remain committed to providing the necessary social, vocational and educational support that prepares them for their days outside incarceration.

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