What We Do

What We Do

We provide free legal representation to indigent inmates

This program has been achieved over time through the Pro-Bono services of Lawyers who believe in our dreams and desire to have a justice driven legal system.

Inmate Rehabilitation Program

Under our Inmate Rehabilitation Program, we assist prison inmates with psycho-social and life skills that help them cope with the challenges of incarceration and post-incarceration.

Through the program, we provide rehabilitation support geared towards equipping inmates with skills that ensure economic sustenance when they are released. To achieve our objectives, we empower inmates with education and mental support, vocational training and psycho-social skills amongst other rehabilitation initiatives.

Legal Support Program​

With more than 40,000 awaiting trial Inmates across the country, the need for legal assistance cannot be overemphasized. An effective criminal justice system begins with legal representation for all accused persons and victims of human rights violation. This pressing need for fair dispensation of justice has fueled our legal support program aimed at providing pro bono legal services to indigent and vulnerable persons.

This program has been achieved over time through the Pro-Bono services of Lawyers who believe in our dreams and desire to have a justice driven legal system.

Our Ongoing Projects

A Better Me Event

A Better Me (ABM) is an interactive motivational event organized for inmates to learn and be inspired by the stories of individuals who have overcome societal disadvantages and personal challenges without resorting to crime. The event which is held quarterly has garnered positive feedback from the inmates giving us the assurance that it is a huge step in the direction of change and impact.  

Inmate Virtual Learning Project (IVL)

The Inmate Virtual Learning (IVL) Project is an initiative of CELSIR focused on supporting inmates with quality education. Through this initiative, inmates have access to qualified tutors and educational resources necessary for the preparation of National Examinations taken in the correctional facilities.

Prison Library Project

CELSIR started the Prison Library Project in 2020 as an intervention in the aftermath of the #ENDSARS protest that led to the burning of the prison library in the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Ikoyi as a result of an attempted jailbreak. With the support of the Ford Foundation, CELSIR set up a 21 user library that houses materials that cut across different genres in various formats. The Library also has an E-library session that would be particularly useful for Inmates pursuing different degrees at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

Mobile Library and Virtual Book Club

CELSIR’S Mobile Library project was devised to address the poor condition of prison library facilities that has prevented inmates from the effective utilization of information resources and the consequence of its negative effects on their reformation process. The bus serviced library supported by Ford Foundation aims to enhance inmates’ access to information and educational resources that contribute to the mental transformation of Inmates. Under this program, inmates participate in virtual book reviews facilitated by authors and transformational coaches.

Support CELSIR in helping
former inmates rejoin society successfully.

We are calling on individuals and organizations of good will to support us as we work towards proper rehabilitation of inmates to ensure a positive and productive transition into society.